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Pointing a Sword, or better… a “Gladius” at the Heavens!

Nowadays, high-resolution imaging of the solar system bodies is one of the few sectors of astronomy where amateurs can still make their significant contribution not only from a purely esthetical, but also from a scientific standpoint. However, this type of activity is very demanding and unforgiving of even the tiniest flaw, as every single bit of the instrumentation (from the optics to the imaging detector) is pushed to its limits. The Gladius is a telescope specifically optimized for high-res imaging. […]

Moonset over Mottarone

On Jan.24, 2008, another crystal-clear day had just started, when I spotted a waxing, almost-full Moon setting over the snow-covered slopes of the Mottarone, a well-known mountain (and ski resort) overhanging Stresa, renowned touristic resort on the western banks of Lago Maggiore. In no time, I was out on my balcony shooting a sequence of exposures which I later put together into the animated GIF “movie” shown above.

2008’s First Full Moon

On Jan. 22, 2008, it was a crystal-clear night on the Po river flatland (Northern Italy), as the dry foehn wind was blowing steadily from the Alps’ leeward slopes, thus draining every single bit of humidity from the air. A full Moon disk was also shining bright high up in the sky. By no means, would I ever miss this terrific opportunity of shooting it… So, I grabbed my ‘scope (Vixen ED103SWT), slammed it on my G11 mount along with […]