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Dec 14 2016

December’s Cloudy Moonrise

Moonrise on December 13th, 2016. Click the picture for a bigger version with all the relevant technical details.

Shooting wide-field is for sure not my specialty, but the view I was treated to on December 13th was just too beautiful to miss out on.…

Oct 06 2015

The Total “Supermoon” Eclipse of September 28, 2015


sept-2015-mosaicIt’s been almost four years since a Lunar eclipse was visible in Western Europe (June 2011). Therefore, the one of September 28, 2015 was most welcome after such a long abstinence :mrgreen: .…

Jul 02 2015

Close Encounters in the Summer Sky

Close conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on June 30th, 2015

In late June 2015, Jupiter and Venus (together with the Moon) put on a really nice show with a breathtaking multiple conjunction.…

Sep 24 2008

01 August 2008: The Solar Eclipse visits Siberia


One, two, three… and four! Four as the number of eclipses I’ve observed so far in my life: this one took place in Siberia.…

May 20 2008

Pointing a Sword, or better… a “Gladius” at the Heavens!



The Gladius proudly riding my Losmandy G11!

Nowadays, high-resolution imaging of the solar system bodies is one of the few sectors of astronomy where amateurs can still make their significant contribution not only from a purely esthetical, but also from a scientific standpoint.…

Feb 19 2008

Moon setting over Mottarone

On Jan.24, 2008, another crystal-clear day had just started, when I spotted a waxing, almost-full Moon setting over the snow-covered slopes of the Mottarone, a well-known mountain (and ski resort) overhanging Stresa, renowned touristic resort on the western banks of Lago Maggiore.…

Jan 29 2008

2008′s first Full Moon

On Jan. 22/2008, it was a crystal-clear night on the Po river flatland (Northern Italy), as the dry foehn wind was blowing steadily from the Alps’ leeward slopes, thus draining every single bit of humidity from the air.…