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Monthly Archive: January 2009

Jan 22 2009

2009: International Year of Astronomy


Iya_logo2009 is the International Year of Astronomy. Finally an unmissable, long-awaited opportunity has come: that of sharing the knowledge and passion for the wonders of the Universe with the general public.…

Jan 22 2009

M1 The “Crab Nebula”

On December 21, 2008, I went on a short observing session, which was hautned by several problems with my setup. However, I did manage to pull off a picture of M1, aka the Crab Nebula, with my Vixen refractor and my Canon EOS 350D digital reflex.…

Jan 22 2009




Ok, I know: I should have written this post more than a month ago. But I’ve been very busy lately and I have to process my backlog of work, including new updates to this website.…