Monthly Archives: May 2007

Here comes the Sun (Grid)

Got a very demanding computing task? No need to worry: you can always take advantage of Sun Grid. Or better, up until recently you couldn’t, as this facility was available only to US citizens or people living on US ground. However, the situation has recently changed as Sun has opened up its gates to 24 countries throughout the world.

JUG Genova meeting: a success!

On May 8th, 2007, another meeting of the newly founded Genova JUG took place in the local NIS office. This was definitely the most crowded meeting ever for our JUG! This meeting featured: A presentation on build automation by Carlo Bonamico; A presentation on testing by Angelo Lupo. The meeting happily ended in a nearby all-u-can-eat pizza restaurant. 🙂 Next meeting is scheduled to take place in the first half of July 2007.