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Updates to the website and brief activity reports and achievements

Jun 14 2017

NGC 4216 And Friends

NGC 4216 plate-solved and annotated

I haven’t posted any updates to my website in a while. Over the last few months I have been very busy with a host of different things: nevertheless, I have managed to do some imaging out in the field, and what I’m really short on is time to process raw data and publish results.…

Apr 28 2015

The Partial Solar Eclipse of March 20th, 2015


On March 20th, 2015 a solar eclipse took place, with totality visible only from the North Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.…

Mar 17 2015



cedic15_03The fourth edition of CEDIC was held March 6th-8th, 2015. CEDIC is short for “Central European Deepsky Imaging Conference”: as its name suggests, it is a very specialized conference devoted to deepsky imaging and related topics: imaging and processing techniques, equipment, special use cases, etc.…

Mar 02 2015

Jupiter in February 2015

The best observing conditions for Jupiter in 2015 were expected to take place in February, as it would reach opposition on the 6th.…

Jan 20 2015

Comet Lovejoy Again

Here’s another image of comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy: I’ve got more of them on my processing backlog but I picked this one because it’s the one with the longest sub-exposures.…

Jan 06 2015

Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy Approaching

Discovered in August 2014 by Australian amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy (at its fifth comet discovery), this comet is putting on a nice show.…

Dec 26 2014

First-light H-Alpha Images with my Modified PST



Imaging the Sun in a very narrow band centered on the h-alpha emission line (656.3 nm) yields some of the most stunning images of our star, which show a wealth of details and features on the solar surface which are not visible in white light.…

Oct 15 2014

Gems of Cassiopeia

NGC 654 close-up

NGC 654 close-upAs everybody knows, the fall Milky Way offers several among the most beautiful objects in the northern hemisphere sky. Most often, the attention will focus mainly on the most prominent objects, such as the Double Cluster in Perseus, the Heart Nebula, the California Nebula, etc.…

Sep 15 2014

The 2014 Opposition of Mars



The 2014 opposition of Mars was due to take place in mid-April, with the planet in the constellation Virgo at a declination of about -5 degrees.…

Dec 04 2013

An “off-season” Lagoon Nebula

Ok, I made it! Here you go… this is my first real update to my website. It’s kind of an “off-season” picture, as the target – M8, aka the Lagoon Nebula – is a typical summer object.…

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