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Jan 22 2009




Ok, I know: I should have written this post more than a month ago. But I’ve been very busy lately and I have to process my backlog of work, including new updates to this website.…

Sep 22 2007

JUG Genova Meeting, 18/09/2007



Last September 18th, 2007, another JUG Genova meeting was held at DIST (Dipartimento di Informatica, Sistemistica e Telematica) of the University of Genova.…

Jul 25 2007

YAJGM (Yet Another JUG Genova Meeting!)

Another JUG Genova meeting was held at the local NIS office on Monday, July 23rd. Although the turnout was not as large as what we had back in May’s meeting, it was still a success.…

Jun 29 2007

Jazoon ’07: wrap-up


Just back home from Jazoon, and also back to work and to everyday’s hassles :’( . Also, the time has come to make a comprehensive evaluation of the conference.…

Jun 27 2007

Zurich at first glance



I arrived in Zurich in the evening of Sat June 23th. The following day there would be the Jazoon opening, but only the paying tutorials were scheduled which we didn’t follow.…

Jun 27 2007

Jazoon ’07: the first two days


On Monday June 25th, a thick layer of clouds rolled in which soon brought along some downpours and a really gloomy atmoshpere.…

Jun 20 2007

Jazoon 2007: here we come!

As usual, time is passing by at a very fast pace. Only a few days are left until next Sunday, June 24th 2007, the opening day of Jazoon ’07, the newborn European Industry Conference on Java and related topics, which will take place in Zurich, Switzerland, until Thursday 28th.…

May 30 2007

Here comes the Sun (Grid)

Got a very demanding computing task? No need to worry: you can always take advantage of Sun Grid. Or better, up until recently you couldn’t, as this facility was available only to US citizens or people living on US ground.…

May 11 2007

JUG Genova meeting: a success!

On May 8th, 2007, another meeting of the newly founded Genova JUG took place in the local NIS office. This was definitely the most crowded meeting ever for our JUG!…

Apr 19 2007

Some thoughts on Java 2 Micro Edition

Recently, I’ve had my first crack at writing a J2ME application. That was quite a disappointment. Check out the whole post to see why…

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