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Jun 27 2007

Zurich at first glance


I arrived in Zurich in the evening of Sat June 23th. The following day there would be the Jazoon opening, but only the paying tutorials were scheduled which we didn’t follow. Plus, I was greeted with a beautiful sunny day; therefore, I got a chance to go around sightseeing, since it was my first time ever here.

First off, I must say that Zurich really impressed me: a very rich, clean and orderly city lyin’ in a beautiful natural scenery, surrounded by gentle slopes and foothills. Also, the public transportation network is very efficient and takes you around everywhere in a matter of minutes.

The city center itself lies between two ranges of foothills, by the northern shore of a beautiful lake, while the rest of the city expands mainly northward in all directions.

In the morning I took a stroll downtown and around the lake side; then, in the afternoon I took a short (two-hour) trip around the lake, where I also happened to to sun tan a little bit :-)

Below, you find a selection of pix from my sighyseeing tour. Enjoy!

A cozy corner in the old town:


Looking south towards the Alpine peaks:


Looking back to the historical center from the lake:


Swans too seem to be havin’ a great time!