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Astronomical news items (mainly related to amateur astronomy)

Nov 20 2010

Kissin’ two old pals goodbye


SkyTelAndAstronomyAfter being an Astronomy and Sky & Telescope reader for almost two decades, most likely I won’t renew my three-year subscription to Sky & Telescope which is due to expire in March 2011.…

Jan 22 2009

2009: International Year of Astronomy


Iya_logo2009 is the International Year of Astronomy. Finally an unmissable, long-awaited opportunity has come: that of sharing the knowledge and passion for the wonders of the Universe with the general public.…

Apr 24 2008

International Astronomical Youth Camp (IAYC) 2008



From July 20th to August 9th, 2008, the 44th IAYC (International Astronomical Youth Camp) will take place in Sayda, Germany. I myself took part in these camps six times between 1991 and 1999, and in my opinion there is no better place where one can find such an ideal and balanced mix between science, friendship and amusement.…