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20 May 2008

Pointing a Sword, or better… a “Gladius” at the Heavens!

Nowadays, high-resolution imaging of the solar system bodies is one of the few sectors...
24 March 2008

Magzero MZ-5m vs modified Vesta Pro

by Emmanuele Sordini and Lorenzo Comolli The MagZero MZ-5m camera, the Italian flavor of the...
30 December 2007

The Magzero MZ-5m Camera: autoguiding on a budget

One of the most-feared bugaboos for those who take up long-exposure digital imaging is...
20 January 2006

Tuning the Synta EQ6: a “Technical Nightmare!”

In fall 2004 my beefiest mount was a Losmandy GM8, which I still happily...
12 October 2005

Skywatcher ED80 refractor preview

It’s been quite a while (actually at least fifteen years 😉 ) since chinese-made...