Bluetooth Blues

While native serial ports have almost disappeared from modern laptops, COM port-mapped devices are very popular: USB ports, USB-to-serial adapters, Bluetooth devices, virtual devices, and so on… all of them are viewed as serial ports under Windows. Every time a new driver is installed, one or more COM devices are added and remapped to the first COM number available: this quickly causes the COM port number to shoot through the roof. As for my laptop, there have been quite a […]

Just back from JavaPolis

This is the first time ever I take part in a conference abroad (i.e. outside Italy). Although I stayed there only for one day and a half, I must really congratulate the BeJUG on the top-notch organization of this event. Here are the main strengths of this JavaPolis edition: Impeccable organization, capable of standing a 2800-person horde with virtually no glitch; High-quality agenda, with a lot of interesting speeches and hands-on sessions; Terrific all-u-can-eat and all-u-can-drink buffet with some real […]

Bound for JavaPolis

On the 13th of december, Fabrizio Giudici and I will be giving a short talk (as a BOF session) on a Java-based parallel computing project of ours. This very application describes an application of parallel computing to image processing, with a view also to astronomy-oriented tasks. You can find the full description of our BOF session at this link. Many of you may know that parallel computing applications have recently come of age. The so-called “Moore’s Law” of computing power […]