2008’s First Full Moon

On Jan. 22, 2008, it was a crystal-clear night on the Po river flatland (Northern Italy), as the dry foehn wind was blowing steadily from the Alps’ leeward slopes, thus draining every single bit of humidity from the air. A full Moon disk was also shining bright high up in the sky. By no means, would I ever miss this terrific opportunity of shooting it…

So, I grabbed my ‘scope (Vixen ED103SWT), slammed it on my G11 mount along with my Canon 300D camera and bracketed several pictures from 1/1000s to 1/400s in 1/3-stop increments at 200 ISO setting; the 1/640s shot probably came out best. Unfortunately my scope’s focal length is probably a tad too short; yet, I think the view is nice. Focusing was performed via DSLRfocus on a star (FWHM value), not really the handiest way since the seeing was really awful.

The original picture was very processed slightly in Photoshop with a mild unsharp mask and cropping of most of the surrounding pitch-black background.

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