Moon-Jupiter Conjunction of 18/01/2024

On 18th January 2024 I enjoyed a spell of clear sky over my hometown in Northern Italy, so I was able to witness (and shoot) a beautiful, close Jupiter-Moon conjunction. Here goes... A composite of two exposures, a short one (1/2000 s) for the Moon and a longer one (0.6 s) for Jupiter and its satellites. Both images were taken with my Canon 90D DSLR and my Sigma 150-600 zoom lens at 250 mm FL on a fixed tripod. All four brightest satellites of Jupiter (discovered by Galileo in the early XVII century) can be seen in this image, from left to right: Callisto, Ganymede, (Jupiter, overexposed), Io and Europa. Enjoy!

Moon-Jupiter Conjunction 18/01/2024


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