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Just back from JavaPolis

This is the first time ever I take part in a conference abroad (i.e. outside Italy). Although I stayed there only for one day and a half, I must really congratulate the BeJUG on the top-notch organization of this event. Here are the main strengths of this JavaPolis edition: Impeccable organization, capable of standing a 2800-person horde with virtually no glitch; High-quality agenda, with a lot of interesting speeches and hands-on sessions; Terrific all-u-can-eat and all-u-can-drink buffet with some real […]

29 March 2006: The Sun turns black over Egypt!

Six months after the October 3rd, 2005, annular eclipse (see the complete report), here comes a total eclipse, the second in my observing record after the last one of the 20th century (1999). This time, the Moon’s shadow path starts in eastern Brazil, quickly dives into the Atlantic Ocean and touches back ground in Africa on the shores of Ghana. Then, it cuts its way through the African continent from SW to NE across the Libyan desert and skims Egypt’s […]