Two last images from my 2021 trip to Namibia

Think I’m really finished with these. Two last images from the wealth of raw frames acquired during my May 2021 Trip to Namibia that had been sitting in the recesses of my archives. Being done processing my images just one year later is kind of a record for me, so I hope I’ll keep up this good pace :-)

These are two quite known targets, maybe not among the first ones imaged by southern sky “newcomers”, but quite popular nonetheless.

Both images were made with a Moravian G2-8300 CCD camera + a Baader HaLRGB filter set at the prime focus of a 10” ASA astrograph (f/3.6, 900 mm FL) riding an AP 1200 mount. 15-min subs for Ha, 10 for wideband channels.

The first object is an open cluster, NGC 3532, aka “The Wishing Well Cluster”, located in constellation Carina not too far from the Eta Carinae Nebula. In addition to being a very rich cluster, it features a streak of H-alpha nebulosity cutting through the field. (Exposure times: Ha:R:G:B 60:50:50:40 mins).

The second object is another open cluster, NGC 6193 in constellation Ara. It’s engulfed in a dense emission nebula, called NGC 6188. The H-alpha nebulosity sports a lot of intricate and complex structures, so I thought it was worth to include a starless version of the H-alpha channel, processed with Starnet2 in PixInsight (Exposure time: Ha:R:G:B 300:50:50:50 mins.).

NGC 3532 Open Cluster


NGC 6193 Open Cluster + NGC 6188 Emission Nebula


NGC 6188 Emission Nebula


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