Partial solar eclipse of 25th October 2022

Last 25th October 2022 a partial solar eclipse took place over Europe, with the solar disk being covered up to 80% in Russia. Solar disk coverage proportion was to increase from Southwest to Northeast, being about 20% in Northwestern Italy. Not a breathtaking show for sure, but something worth watching anyway :-)

The weather forecast was so-so, and indeed I got clouded out for the first half hour or so. But later on the sky cleared up, so I was able to image the maximum eclipse and all the second half of the event.

Below is a composite of the eclipse, taken with a Canon 90D DSLR at ISO 800, a TS 130/910 refractor and a Baader ASSF 130 solar filter. Exposure times range from 1/640 s to 1/40s. Also shown is a picture of the rig used to image the eclipse.

Partial solar eclipse of 25th October 2022


Solar eclipse of 25th October 2022 imaging rig


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