I made it! (My first astronomy article)

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)

Here it comes. My first astronomy article ever will be published in the upcoming March 2007 of the Italian Coelum magazine. This is really good news to me.

Actually, my article in the Coelum magazine is the paper-based counterpart of my writeup about the maximum length of webcam acquisition for hi-res imaging, which can be found in my website both in English and in Italian.

I do know that many websites and oline magazines perform a very strict quality control on their sources of information, so they usually issue very good and reliable articles.

I know I am a bit “old-fashioned”, but I think that paper-published work still has an edge over its electronic counterpart. Probably because you can really touch and feel a paper magazine issue as a physical artifact, whilst an electronic one can only be read online or printed out at best. I can put my favorite magazine issue on my shelf and actually get hold of it as much as I want, whenever I feel like having a look at it. And if the online magazine server ever happens to go down, the paper copy will still lying on my shelf, safe and sound!

Well, as awkward as it may sound to your ears, I am really happy with this result and I look forward to getting more of them published!

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