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Myself at Merate Observatory (Italy) next to the 1.34-meter f/12 Ruths Cassegrain Telescope (January 2003)

Once Upon A Time There Was…

It’s not easy to say when and how my passion for computers and sciences in general (but above all astronomy) took shape.

Once upon a time in the early eighties there was a ten-year old boy (me!) who pointed an old and rusted pair of binoculars up in the sky: I found the Pleiades and it was “love” at first sight with the celestial dome. I remember it was a cold winter night, and the place was just a small terrace on top of my apartment building. A long time has passed since, I have grown up but I have never forgotten that night. Of course, everyday’s life often diverts my attention to other duties, yet I still think of astronomy as a part of myself. I was born in 1972: on the whole, I’ve been into astronomy for more than twenty years now, and counting!

 At times, when I can drive far away from my city and find a decent sky to observe stars under, I like lying down on a mat and looking up at the milky way, or pointing my gear at some “challenging” objects (i.e. galaxies or nebulae). Later on, I’ve continued practicing this rewarding hobby as time, finances (it’s a very expensive activity if you want to achieve decent results!) and other duties have allowed it. I am often asked what those fuzzy patches of light mean to me: I’d answer that looking at those objects is as thrilling as if it were me who discovered them for the first time! Moreover, it’s a wonderful way to be in close contact with Mother Nature’s stunning wonders. I only wish I could convey those sensations to everybody: but except for a handful of fellow amateurs, it really looks like the dedication amateur astronomers put into the study and understanding of the night sky is generally regarded as a little “awkward” to say the least. :-)

Once upon a time I also dreamed about becoming a professional astronomer (who knows? :-)), but later I chose another career. There used to be an old webpage of mine which dates back to 1997, but I had not updated it for a very long time; then, in 2002 those nice pals at GeoCities zapped it forever from the digital world. It was only in late 2004 when I made up my mind about rebuilding a web page of my own.

So, here’s the bottom line: computers and astronomy are my subjects of choice. They are very rewarding and often give a wonderful opportunity to both increase my technical knowledge and keep an eye on the ever-changing universe in which our tiny planet lies stranded, somewhere.

– Emmanuele

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